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Chinese cuisine is one of the most unusual in the world. Eating with chopsticks, using exotic ingredients and sauces, large amounts of vegetables and tofu, rice as staple food, etc. are just some of the distinct features of this world-renowned cuisine.

LDS outstanding Chinese restaurant will enchant you with exquisite authentic dishes prepared by our award-winning chef. Our talented chef brings his experience from a high-end hotel and passion for cooking to create dishes that reflect Chinese traditional cuisine while featuring some unique and unexpected ingredients. Each dish focuses on creating a balance between three aspects - appearance, aroma and flavor that will certainly delight everyone’s taste buds.

Besides the usual and well-known Chinese dishes, LDS restaurant offers a variety of seafood, as well as Hot Pot and Dry Pot dishes that otherwise cannot be found in Belgrade. Hot pot and Dry pot are two must-try dishes originating from Sichuan province and Chongqing municipality.

Hot pot and Dry pot

Hot pot is served by placing a pot of spicy, hot broth at the center of the table, accompanied by an assortment of ingredients to dip in the broth to cook. Ingredients range from thinly sliced meat to eggs and vegetables. Once the ingredient is cooked, it gets dipped in one of several sauces at the table. Each combination of ingredients, cooking time and dipping sauce provides a new flavor experience.

Dry pot, on the other hand, is just as it sounds: dry and served without broth. However, serving the pot without the broth doesn’t take away anything of its flavor. When the pot is served dry, everything inside has already been cooked and sizzled to spicy perfection.


LDS restaurant’s extensive tea selection takes you on a journey into the fascinating culture of Chinese tea. The history of tea in China is almost as long as the history of China itself. Legend has it that Shennong, a local farmer, accidentally discovered tea as he was boiling water to drink while sitting under a Camellia sinensis tree. Some leaves from the tree fell into the water, infusing it with a refreshing aroma. Shennong took a sip, found it enjoyable, and tea was born. Visit us and explore the world of Chinese tea in LDS restaurant.

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